1. Lecture:
            Mick Wilson


          2. Open Academies & Hidden Curricula: What’s happening in art education?

            Mick Wilson gave a lecture for teachers of the KABK, on invitation of the lectorate, on changes in international art education and the position of art academies.

            There is a lively discussion going on about art education in the art world. Art education and ‘Bildung’ was an important theme at the last Documenta. Also in politics art education is subject of discussion. The reason is the reorganization of art education within the framework of the Bologna agreements. Strangely enough, there is no discussion on this subject within the art academies. Wilson’s lecture is entitled ‘Open Academies and Hidden Curricula: On Art Pedagogies and Institutional Change. A discussion of competing visions of higher art education and contemporary change processes in higher education.’

            Dr. Mick Wilson is Dean of the Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media, Ireland and Head of Fine Art at Dublin Institute of Technology, He was previously Head of Research at the National College of Art & Design (Dublin) and Director of the MA Visual Arts Practices at IADT (Dun Laoghaire). He has developed several Masters and Bachelors programmes and courses in different art colleges and universities and has established the first structured PhD programme in the arts in Ireland. He has organised many international conferences on art and design and managed the major conference ‘Arts Research: The State of Play’ May 2008. He is an artist, writer and educator with a commitment to the critical function of arts education in the formation of a public culture that supports dissent and promotes the public agency of artists.
          3. Biography

            Dr. Mick Wilson is head of the Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media, Ireland and head of the Fine Arts department at the Dublin Institute of Technology. Previously, he was head of Research at the National College of Art & Design (Dublin) and director of the MA Visual Arts Practices at IADT (Dun Laoghaire). He developed numerous Master and Bachelor programmes at different art academies as well as the first institutional PhD programme for artists in Ireland. In addition, he organised many international conferences on art and design. Wilson is artist, writer and educator.