1. Lecture/performance ‘Miss Almostness’


          2. The Lectorate Art Theory & Practice cordially invites you to the lecture/performance ‘Miss Almostness’, presented by artist and PhDArts doctoral researcher Riccardo Giacconi in the context of the course ‘Spoilsport’.
            • What: Lecture/performance by Riccardo Giacconi
            • When: Wednesday 6 December 2017 from 2:00 PM onward
            • Where: BA.204 (Media Theatre)
            • Who: Open to everyone
          3. Spoilsport: affinities between sports and visual and performing arts

            The course ‘Spoilsport’, part of the Art Research Programme of the Lectorate Art Theory & Practice, centers on the relationship between sports and contemporary visual and performing arts. The course is taught by artist and PhDArts doctoral researcher Riccardo Giacconi. Within the framework of this course, on 6 December 2017 Giacconi will present his lecture/performance ‘Miss Almostness’. This presentation, dedicated to the concept of the ‘almost’, will be set up as a public discussion and will be open to everyone.
          4. ‘Miss Almostness’

            According to philosopher Giorgio Agamben, “we are accustomed to think in a substantival mode”, that is, starting from names, while adverbs are much more interesting objects of reflection.

            The presentation ’Miss Almostness (Mademoiselle 
            Presquitude)’ comprises a series of elements - drawing from literature, cinema, philosophy, mathematics, television, music and sports - which will be displayed and discussed in order to sketch out a possible phenomenology of the ‘almost’.

            Through an open conversation, the notion of ‘almostness’ will be questioned through ideas, stories, images and sounds.