1. Thesis Award 2010:
            Sander Uitdehaag


          2. Winner

            On 3 July 2010, Sander Uitdehaag received the KABK Thesis Award for his thesis Het is Begonnen. Onderweg met Georges Perec (‘It has Begun. On the road with Georges Perec’). Uitdehaag graduated from the Photography department. His thesis supervisor was Ingrid Grootes.

            Uitdehaag participated in the 2010 course Seeing and Naming, which was part of the Art Research Programme of the Lectorate Art Theory & Practice.
          3. Jury

            This year, the jury consisted of Catelijne Middelkoop, Strange Attractors Design and graphic design lecturer at the Royal Academy of Art and Thimo te Duits, design curator, Museum Boijmans, and was chaired by Janneke Wesseling.
          4. Publication

            Het is Begonnen has been published as an initiative of the lectorate. The publication is available at the academy library from 15 March 2014 onwards. If you would like to order a copy, please send us an email.

            You can read a chapter of Het is Begonnen on the website 1000 THINGS.
          5. NOMINEES THESIS AWARD 2010

            • Natasja Amiraal
            • Geanne Welles
            • Walewijn den Boer 
            • Annabel Schipper
            • Daan Mulder
            • Marjolein Spuybroek
            • Nancy Tjong 
            • Janneke de Jong
            • Sander Uitdehaag