1. Thesis Award 2017:
            Isabelle van Hemert & Quinsy Gario


          2. Winner BA

            On 30 June 2017, Isabelle van Hemert received the KABK BA Thesis Award for her thesis Plat en Onbegaanbaar. Van Hemert graduated from the Photography department. Her thesis supervisor was Saskia Boer.

            In 2016-2017 she participated in the Thesis Lab, part of the Art Research Programme of the lectorate.

            In Plat en Onbegaanbaar, Van Hemert sets out a thought experiment, in which she discusses how different aspects of the 3D work Raum 19 by Imi Knoebel could be considered ‘photographic’. Subsequently she connects this idea to the current post-medium state of photography. 

            Jury statement: ”Isabelle does not only succeed in developing a new way of looking and giving a new interpretation of the artwork, but she also realises new possibilities for herself to connect with the media of photography and art, which will inform her practice in the future”.

            Isabelle van Hemert, Plat en Onbegaanbaar, 2017/1
          3. Winner MA

            This year, Quinsy Gario received the KABK MA Thesis Award for his thesis On Agency and Belonging. Gario graduated from the Master Artistic Research. His thesis supervisor was Jasper Coppes. 

            In his thesis, Gario proposes that artistic positioning not only stems from an individualistic urgency but rather that it is critical to understand it within an intersectional and de-colonial framework. 

            Jury statement: ”The jury is impressed by the urgency and drive of this discourse in which Quinsy explores his ‘aesthesis of resistance and politics, of belonging to materially marginalized and self othering communities’. His thesis displays an informed range of artistic strategies to build alternative imaginaries”.

          4. Jury

            This year the jury of the KABK BA and MA Thesis Awards consists of Liesbeth van Woerden, KABK alumna, artist and art historian; Petra Ponte, freelance art historian, researcher and curator; and Liesbeth Fit, lecturer Writing Art at the KABK and chair of the jury. 

          5. Nominees Thesis Award 2017

            • ArtScience - Victoria Douka-Doukopoulou: So let’s say, you walk down a path
            • Fine Art - Carla Lafourniere: Remember to Forget
            • Graphic Design - Magda Skibinska: All work and no play
              Interactive/Media/Design - Ignas Pavliukevicius: Meeting the gaze of A.I.
            • Interior Architecture & Furniture Design - Rick Mouwen: By the means of Pop Culture
            • Photography - Isabelle van Hemert: Plat en Onbegaanbaar
            • Textile & Fashion - Rachael Cheong: The Body as a Medium for Hiding
            • Artistic Research - Quinsy Gario: On Agency and Belonging
            • ArtScience - Natalie Fyfe: Between Borders - The Inner Voice, The Mouth and Boredom
            • Interior Architecture - Klodiana Millona: It’s not the fault of the house
            • Type and Media - Sven Fuchs: Revival process book