1. Book launch:
            See it Again, Say it Again

            21/09/2011, 20:00

          2. With a.o. Moniek Toebosch and Barbara Visser.

            See it Again, Say it Again. The Artist as Researcher
            , edited by Janneke Wesseling and published by Valiz, sheds light on the phenomenon of research in the visual arts. This volume has been written from the perspective of art as practice. The publication includes visual and textual contributions by  a large number of artists. Additionally, the book includes contributions by theoreticians, who analyse the workings of artistic research and examine its productivity. What do artists actually do when they carry out research? Does it propagate better art or a new type of art, or perhaps even a new type of artist? 

            See it Again, Say it Again
             is part of the Antennae Series of Valiz. This series aims to expose new phenomena or lines of thought in the arts, and explore them in essays.