1. Afternoon seminar Research


          2. Afternoon seminar on research at the academy

            On Friday 20 May 2016 the Lectorate Art Theory & Practice, together with the theory section of the KABK, organises a meeting for all tutors, heads and coordinators of the various KABK departments to discuss the topic of ‘research’. Several tutors will give a presentation about the position of research within the curriculum of their department. In addition, students from various departments are invited to introduce their take on the role and relevance of research within art education and in relation to their own art/design practice, followed by a moderated group discussion. The meeting will be concluded with the presentation/book launch of the latest publication of the Lectorate and informal drinks - for which you are also cordially invited.
          3. Date: Friday 20 May 2016
            Time: 14.00-17.00h followed by drinks
            Venue: Auditorium of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
          4. Programme

            14.00-14.10 Introduction by Janneke Wesseling
            14.10-14.30 Presentation Anna Arov (I/M/D)
            14.30-15.00 Group discussion
            15.00-15.20 Presentation Lauren Alexander (Graphic Design)
            15.20-15.40 Group discussion
            15.40-15.55 Coffee break
            15.55-16.00 Statement Tatjana Macic (Artistic Research)
            16.00-16.30 Student panel: introductory statements
            16.30-17.00 Group discussion
            17.00-18.00 Book launch Veranderend Kunstonderwijs II + drinks
          5. Veranderend kunstonderwijs II. Het samengaan van theorie en praktijk in het onderwijs.

            During the Tweede Landelijke Dag van de Theorie that took place on 21 November 2014 at the KABK, the question was raised as to how practical and theoretical training in art education can benefit from their mutual dependency. Following the publication ‘Veranderend kunstonderwijs. De plaats van theorie aan de kunstacademie’ (KABK, 2013) that was published on the occasion of the Eerste Landelijke Dag van de Theorie, now also the most significant contributions to the second conference have been collected. The publication, titled ‘Veranderend Kunstonderwijs II. Het samengaan van theorie en praktijk in het onderwijs’ (KABK, 2016), includes texts by keynote speakers Bart Verschaffel, Marie van Leeuwen & Laura van Grinsven, Pawel Pokutycki and Annette Krauss. Moreover, Onno Schilstra, theory tutor at the KABK, and Janneke Wesseling, professor in Art and Research at the KABK, wrote two new essays in which developments are further analysed and placed in international context.
            • Ed. Onno Schilstra and Janneke Wesseling.
            • A publication by the Lectorate Art Theory & Practice,
              University of the Arts, The Hague, 2016.
            • Design Tomas Celizna i.c.w. Sebastian Ly Serena.
            • ISBN 978-90-72600-39-4.