1. Symposium:
            The Artist as Researcher

            05 – 06/02/2010

          2. A two-day international conference on artistic research and the PhD in visual art and design.

            In September 2008, PhDArts launched an international doctoral programme in visual art and design. PhDArts is a collaboration of the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts of Leiden University and the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

            The conference will address the following issues:

            The position of the PhD in visual art and design within the field of education and the art world:
            A. the significance of artistic research for art education and university education.
            B. the interaction between research culture and artistic practice.

            Lectures by international speakers will alternate with parallel sessions during which the themes will be discussed in depth. Dutch and Flemish doctoral candidates will present their research projects. The conference will be concluded with a panel discussion with prominent representatives from the art world and the educational field.

          3. Keynote speakers

            • Paul Carter, creative director of Material Thinking; Professor at Melbourne University
            • Stephan Dillemuth, visual artist; Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich 
            • Henri Jacobs, visual artist, Brussels; Rietveld Research Resident Amsterdam 2009-2010 
            • Aglaia Konrad, visual artist, Brussels 
            • Graeme Sullivan, Professor of Art Education Teachers at College Columbia University, New York 
            • Kitty Zijlmans, Professor of Contemporary Art History and Theory, School of Art History, Leiden University
            And: Henk Borgdorff, Arno van Roosmalen, Janneke Wesseling, Edith Doove, Yves Knockaert, Ann Demeester, Peter Peters, Nicolas Schafhausen, Maria Hlavajova, Jeroen Boomgaard a.o.
          4. lecture by Paul Carter, part 1. Part II: vimeo.com/23632864
          5. lecture by Stephen Dillemuth, part 1. Part II: vimeo.com/23633474
          6. lecture Henri Jacobs, part 1. Part II: vimeo.com/23634174
          7. lecture by Aglaia Konrad, part 1. Part II: vimeo.com/42290267
          8. lecture by Graeme Sullivan, part 1. Part II: vimeo.com/23635655
          9. lecture by Kitty Zijlmans, part 1. Part II: vimeo.com/23636863
          10. Programme

            10:00 - 10:30 
            Welcome and introduction 
            Janneke Wesseling

            10:30 - 11:45 
            Keynote lecture 
            Graeme Sullivan

            11:45 - 13:00 
            Keynote lecture 
            Aglaia Konrad

            13:00 - 13:45 
            Lunch break

            13:45 – 15:15 
            Parallel presentations
            Lectures and presentations of PhD research projects by doctoral candidates.
            • Lectures by Krien Clevis, Ruchama Noorda and Sophie Ernst
            • Work presentations by WJM Kok, Peter van Bergen, Cathy van Eck, Pantelis Makkas, Irene Fortuyn and Henri Jacobs 
            • Performances by Cathy van Eck, Peter van Bergen and Falk Hübner
            15:15 – 16:15 
            Parallel sessions
            Five group discussions on keynote lectures and presentations of doctoral candidates, in relation to the theme of the conference The disscussions are moderated by Henk Borgdorff, Edith Doove, Yves Knockaert, Jeroen Boomgaard and Peter Peters.

            16:30 – 17:45 
            Keynote lecture 
            Paul Carter, creative director of Material Thinking; Professor at Melbourne University

          11. Language

          12. Review

            An article by Ingrid Commandeur is now available at the site of MetropolisM.
          13. Organised by

            The conference is organised by PhDArts in collaboration with the Institute for Practice-based Research in the Arts (IvOK) of the K.U. Leuven Association.