1. Scriptieprijs 2016:
            Kimmo Virtanen & Mamoru Okuno


          2. Winnaar BA

            Op 1 juli 2016 heeft Kimmo Virtanen de KABK BA scriptieprijs ontvangen voor zijn scriptie Flamebaits. Virtanen is afgestudeerd aan de afdeling Fotografie. Zijn scriptiebegeleider was Martijn Verhoeven.

            Hij was in 2015-2016 deelnemer aan het Thesis Lab dat onderdeel uitmaakt van het Art Research Programme van het lectoraat.

            Jury statement: ”The jury finds Kimmo’s thesis Flamebaits to be a profound and extraordinary balance of theoretical contextualisation, autobiographical experience, different writing styles and design”.
          3. Winnaar MA

            Sinds 2016 wordt eveneens een prijs voor een masterscriptie uitgereikt. Dit jaar heeft Mamoru Okuno de KABK MA scriptieprijs ontvangen voor zijn scriptie Generative Listening & Making Things To be Listened to. Okuno is afgestudeerd aan de Master Artistic Research. Zijn scriptiebegeleider was Jasper Coppes.

            Jury statement: ”The jury was excited to read all the master theses and decided - after much deliberation - that the winner is Mamoru Okuno; because Mamoru has interwoven his artistic practice and theory in a poetic and engaging interdisciplinary thesis research”.
          4. Flamebaits

            Can images change the course of events when pitted against the human ego? ‘Flamebaits’ is a research essay on visual methods of persuasion in the context of ‘the backfire effect’ and human rights campaigns, and their roles in attempting to cause lasting change in the spectators’ minds. Through a semantic and psychological case study of Amnesty International and a visual artist known as JR, the aim was to transform my findings into a method of storytelling that could be used to address difficult topics and human conflicts.
            Kimmo Virtanen, Flamebaits, 2016/1
          5. Generative Listening & Making Things To be Listened to

            In this paper, I would like to first unfold the conceptual extended notion of listening in relation to my past projects and some of the key concepts that I have been working on. Conceptual listening is an attitude toward the world that approaches it through a sonic sensibility that reaches beyond the heard and engages in the audible or visible and the inaudible and invisible as if hearing it as well. My basic proposition is that listening can be an attentive way of engaging with and knowing the research subject and at the same time it can be a generative practice. 
          6. Jury

            De jury van de KABK BA scriptieprijs bestaat dit jaar uit Nina Couvert, alumna Grafisch Ontwerpen en winnares vorige BA scriptieprijs; Laura Bertens, universitair docent aan Universiteit Leiden Centre for the Arts in Society; en Tatjana Macic, beeldend kunstenaar en docent Artistic Research aan de KABK en voorzitter van de jury.  

            De jury van de KABK MA scriptieprijs 2016 bestaat uit Nina Couvert, alumna Grafisch Ontwerpen en winnares vorige BA scriptieprijs; Winnie Koekelbergh, theoriedocent aan de KABK; en Tatjana Macic, beeldend kunstenaar en docent Artistic Research aan de KABK en voorzitter van de jury.
          7. Genomineerden scriptieprijs 2016

            • Marcello Ghilardi, Noise About What 
            • Katarina Sidorova, How to stop to be Human: guidelines to becoming a squirrel
            • Kimmo Virtanen, Flamebaits
            • Karina Zavidova, Artificial Intelligence never has a headache
            • Azra Sudetic, Neither Here Nor There. The Husserlian homeworld for this global nomad and how it informs her creative vision 
            • Margot van Bekkum, This thesis is an exploration to find out what lies beyond the function of a space, object or thing
            • Elina Alekseeva, WAYFARING
            • Ingrid Lee, The Poetics and Politics of Erasure
            • Sisi Li, REACTIVATE THE HUTONG. A strategy to save a fragile social housing typology in Beijing
            • Franziska Weitgruber, VERONESE, Monotype, Series 59, I9II. Reviving Monotype’s first custom font 
            • Mamoru Okuno, Generative Listening & Making Things To be Listened to