1. PhDArts symposium:
            Unfixing Images

            19 – 20/03/2015

          2. Unfixing Images, A discussion on imagery in the flux of political action

            The symposium UNFIXING IMAGES focuses on visual documents that develop within processes of political resistance. As bi-products of larger socio-political struggles these documents can be understood both as visual traces of “lived politics” and as tools that can diversify hegemonial historiographies. In this context images are understood as “variational characters”: their “meaning” is inherently unstable as it is intimately linked to the temporality of the processes that bring them forth and continually influence how they are seen.

            UNFIXING IMAGES will attempt to sketch out a model within which we can situate imagery in the flux of political action.

            The symposium is organized by PhDArts candidates Mikala Hyldig Dal, Riccardo Giacconi, and Andrea Sultiens and is divided into three sub-topics that reflect the research outlook of the individual candidates.

            The format of UNFIXING IMAGES merges classical research and presentations with artistic interventions that reflect on images while abstaining from visuality. The symposium will be broadcast live via a pirate radio transmitter, and an edit will be made available as audio podcast online.

          3. Reservation / Press Information


            Participation is reserved for the PhDarts candidates. Limited seats for guests are available and reservation is mandatory. Send an email to info@phdarts.eu.

            More information can be found here: www.phdarts.eu.

            Location: Royal Academy of Art (KABK)